Creo Love Wings Pendant

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Creo Love Wings Pendant
925K Sterling Silver Necklace with wings and heart pendant brought to you by CREO. It is Perfect for adding luxe and understated traction to your favorite daytime and evening ensembles.

CREO is renowned for creating extraordinary jewelry pieces that are perfectly equipped to inject a healthy dose of luxe and glitz into your jewelry collection. It is CREO's 925K Sterling Silver Necklace with wing pendant. White Zircon Stone is perfectly and brilliantly implanted on the pendant. Every star is beautifully designed by Zircon Stone. This is a timeless piece to foment. This ultra-bold necklace is sure to turn heads.

This beautifully made pendant is sure to become a major piece that you call upon season after season.Order your 925K Sterling Silver Necklace with star pendant today.
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