CREO’s 316 Stainless Steel Blue Bracelet

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CREO’s 316 Stainless Steel Blue Bracelet

It’s a touch of contemporary sparkle to brighten every day this Ring Bracelet is brought to you CREO. This bracelet is crafted from 316 stainless steel. This striking bracelet has been designed to complement and enhance your favorite daytime and evening look with effortless ease. This bracelet is one of our best selling products. You can customize this bracelet from our online shop.

This amazing bracelet has 5 rings. Two rings are totally blue colored and two rings are a white color. Blue rings also have three stripes. These white color rings have small hexagonal cut. At the middle of the bracelet, there is a golden color cylindrical shaped ring. This cylindrical shaped ring has 6 strips. There is a white chain which is inlaid on a twisted leather chain. This striking bracelet is sure to become a welcomed addition to your bracelet drawer.