CREO’s 4 Part 316 Stainless Steel Chain

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CREO’s 4 Part 316 Stainless Steel Chain

Cool, fashion forward and grandiose this 4-part Chain is brought to you by CREO. This Chain is crafted from Stainless steel and genuine leather. This is a piece of product which can enhance your favorite daytime and evening look with effortless ease. You can order this Chain from our e-shop and also can easily customize this Chain.
This concentrated Chain has 4 part of the leather. All parts are closed with hook holder. There is two twisted leather rope which makes this Chain amazing and young. This Chain will give you a young look. There is a twisted leather part. Every part is different in width. This gorgeous Chain will update all of your looks with even the simplest outfits.

Delivered By: 3-5 Business Days