Creo Steel Man Bracelet Cayman

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Creo Steel Man Bracelet Cayman
CREO is a brand that has played a significant role in shaping and defining the world of forward thinking jewelry trends. CREO designer brought to you 316 Stainless Steel Man Bracelet. This bracelet is fresh modern and wonderfully fashion forward. There is a rectangular sheet which is connected by twisted round chain from both sides. You can customize this from our e-creo.
This exciting and unique bracelet is designed by our Creo's designer. Black is considered as cool and luxuriousness our designer give this bracelet golden color. There is a rectangular semi curve shaped sheet. This sheet is brilliantly adorned with small black lines. If you noticed carefully there is black color points to make this design more live and natural. This bracelet is the perfect gift no matter what is the occasion.
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