Orders will be delivered as FREE and INSURED. (Our submission is domestic, please contact us before placing order for shipping to overseas demand.)
Your order is under CREO responsibility and assurance firm until the cargo is delivered to you.
Your order is ready in stock 3 working days, all wedding products and products that are not in stock are delivered ready to ship within 10 business days produced as a special order. Hour 14: 00 until the orders are ready in our production center in stock will ship the same day. To find out the availability Centers for same day or courier delivery in Istanbul, please contact us at the following phone numbers and e-mail address before ordering:
Hotline: xxxx
Mobile: xxx
While couriers deliver packages in terms of insurance coverage condition, be sure to check that they have received damage to the bag. The cargo bag is damaged you take delivery of the cargo fastened minutes.
All of our posts in special packaging and sent in a special box as GIFT PACKAGE products.
1. Order your product (s) are available from stock 1 - will be carried out within 3 business days of submission.
2. Special production orders' (Wedding, etc.) produced within 7-10 business days, will be held at the end of transmission production. 
3. When ordering specially produced, as a result of realized production - is + 10% Weight Differences may arise, demand a higher proportion of the price difference in potential / can be returned. 
4. To change or return products please "RETURN and EXCHANGE PROCEDURE" refer nude.
5. MONEY ORDER or orders made by EFT 3 business days of the order amount will be sent to CREO retail payment options within your account contained in the order will be deemed to have been canceled after 3 business days