CREO, primarily as a company committed to providing a safer online shopping environment for its customers, it requires compliance with the following rules of confidentiality.
Your email address will not be announced to anyone for any reason and is to be used before and will be used in publicity and information related to my studies at certain times.
personal information you give us, other customers without your consent will not be shared with individuals or legal entities.
CREO such information, although not store your credit card information will never be in any way you want. This information will only pay the pages will be used to pay the purchase approval from the bank. Credit card information will be transmitted through bilateral links to relevant banks under high security conditions.
CREO No. 6502 "Law on Consumer Protection" is committed to fulfilling its provisions in full.
Security Policy: 
In communications to our site every stage of credit card transactions are secured security.
WEB-Site Visitor Communications Security:
Visitors to the site in order communication between the pages of our site are performed in the standard 256-bit SSL. Credit cards will be given the information on the page in the presence of these forms of communication, the expression written in the address bar on the checkout page when accessed at http: // not in the form of "https: //" refers to the form of processing. In the lower right corner of the browser when you lArA eriş pages of this nature is located in lock icon.
WEB Site-Base Communications Security:
relating to the transfer of credit card information from bank site security is realized with maximum security offered by the bank.
WEB Site Data Security:
No person except in transactions with the bank in a secure environment that assigns you to you and your credit card, your information by institutions and organizations can not reach. Credit card processing page card information is not transferred directly to the bank POS systems with e-mail or other method. Online be accessed even by us as a result of information transmitted to the credit card transaction is not possible.